Stamper ID: 04MR

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 71

Number of Times Reported: 103

Estimated Impressions: 90,125 times

Number of States Reported In: 9

Stamped in All States Ranking: 203

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 04MR

Sighted in: Presidio, TX

Date Reported: June 19 at 4:00 pm EST

Possession: I received this bill as change while shopping for groceries.

Stamper: 04MR

Sighted in: Sugar Land, TX

Date Reported: June 16 at 3:48 am EST

Possession: through work

Stamper: 04MR

Sighted in: Lewisville, TX

Date Reported: May 23 at 6:46 pm EST

Possession: Golden chick

Stamper: 04MR

Sighted in: Gatesville, TX

Date Reported: May 16 at 1:25 pm EST

Possession: Change

Stamper: 04MR

Sighted in: Port Arthur, TX

Date Reported: May 13 at 9:13 pm EST

Possession: At store from change

918's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
6/19/2021 Presidio, TX I received this bill as change while shopping for groceries. 1
6/16/2021 Sugar Land, TX through work 1
5/23/2021 Lewisville, TX Golden chick 1
5/16/2021 Gatesville, TX Change 1
5/14/2021 Port Arthur, TX At store from change 1
5/7/2021 Houston, TX counting money at starbucks 1 View Bills
5/6/2021 Missouri City, TX Working at a bar and found it during in our till paid from anonymous. 1
4/15/2021 Silsbee, TX Went to a gas station 2
4/14/2021 Silsbee, TX Working as a cashier at tobacco barn 2
4/14/2021 League City, TX I got it as change somewhere. 2
4/7/2021 Terlingua, TX I actually received three - one dollar bills as change while shopping. 1
4/7/2021 Houston, TX Received as payment in restaurant. 1 View Bills
3/25/2021 Cleveland, OH I got it on a store as a change 8
3/12/2021 Missouri City, TX At work 1
3/6/2021 Rosharon, TX This bill was given as payment at Domino’s Pizza 1 View Bills
3/2/2021 Richmond, TX I received this bill as change at a gas station 1 View Bills
2/26/2021 Houston, TX Wingstop 1
2/24/2021 Houston, TX receive bill as a tip at work 1
2/18/2021 Houston, TX In a change 1
2/12/2021 Houston, TX At a department store 1 View Bills
2/6/2021 Houston, TX I was about to pay for my food when I noticed the stamp. 1 View Bills
1/25/2021 Missouri City, TX In a deposit at the bank 1
1/7/2021 Cypress, TX at subway 1
1/4/2021 Dayton, TX 1 View Bills
1/2/2021 Houston, TX Given in groceries store 1
12/26/2020 Katy, TX I received this bill as a tip, bar tending 1 View Bills
12/23/2020 Houston, TX 1
12/18/2020 Houston, TX CVS pharmacy 1
12/17/2020 Wray, CO Got it as a tip 1
11/23/2020 Missouri City, TX I work at a donut shop. Someone used the bill to pay. 1
11/17/2020 Houston, TX change at a store 1
11/17/2020 Houston, TX At the gas station. Teller gave it to me with my change 1
11/8/2020 Oxford, MS I got this as payment for coffee. 1
11/7/2020 Alvin, TX Got it in some change from some stuff i bought at wallmart. 2
10/9/2020 Houston, TX 1
10/7/2020 Houston, TX 1 View Bills
10/2/2020 Rosenberg, TX gas station 1
9/25/2020 Houston, TX Cashed my paycheck 1 View Bills
9/15/2020 Katy, TX 1
9/6/2020 Houston, TX 1
8/25/2020 Houston, TX Some lady give it to me. 1 View Bills
8/23/2020 San Antonio, TX Got this as change for a $20 at a rock climbing gym! 1
8/17/2020 Blanco, TX I got this bill at the convenient store 1 View Bills
8/17/2020 Pflugerville, TX No clue 1 View Bills
8/3/2020 Ballinger, TX Cashier 1
8/1/2020 Houston, TX Honestly it’s been in my purse for a while and I’m not sure where I got it from. 1
7/30/2020 Waller, TX dispersed from Prosperity Bank Waller Texas 1
7/26/2020 Austin, TX 1
6/18/2020 Stafford, TX I found the bill while counting money for my shift. 1
6/17/2020 Houston, TX 1 View Bills
6/8/2020 Pasadena, TX Shopping 1
6/4/2020 Richmond, VA I got it in change for a twenty. It is a $5 bill. 1
5/23/2020 Houston, TX Champions Cleaners at 6428 FM 1960W. In Houston, Texas 77069 1
5/21/2020 Conroe, TX Got it at mcdonalds 1
5/11/2020 Houston, TX I was at dow trees buying a money tree and the owner Jonathan decided to pass it along to me. 1 View Bills
5/5/2020 Big Bend National Park, TX From getting change at a store 1
4/22/2020 El Paso, TX Sale 1
3/20/2020 Houston, TX Counting my register 1
3/16/2020 Baytown, TX 1
3/6/2020 College Station, TX The bill was received as change from a pizza delivery. 1
2/26/2020 Big Spring, TX I work at a 7-11 or DK now. 1
2/26/2020 Stafford, TX received it in change for buying a can of Copenhagen. 1 View Bills
2/2/2020 Charlotte, NC Bill was in the possession of an individual who was arrested for panhandling. 1
1/31/2020 Houston, TX I’m change 1 View Bills
1/27/2020 Bay City, TX I found it in a pair of my pants after washing them. 1 View Bills
12/8/2019 Greenville, SC This dollar was received in the form of a tip. 1
12/6/2019 El Paso, TX store 1
11/30/2019 Pasadena, TX Received this bill as a tip. 1
11/26/2019 Crosby, TX Bake sale donation 1
11/1/2019 Houston, TX At a coffee shop 1
10/28/2019 New Orleans, LA I work at a casino 1
10/18/2019 Dallas, TX I received this bill as change while shopping 1
10/13/2019 Austin, TX When to go get some pizza and got this as change. 1
10/13/2019 Cypress, TX It was a donation. 1 View Bills
10/12/2019 Universal City, TX Received bill as payment for a delivery. Pizza Hut 1
10/5/2019 Stafford, TX Found in my wallet! 1
10/1/2019 Sugar Land, TX Found it at work 1
9/22/2019 Houston, TX Customer purchase. 1
9/14/2019 Houston, TX 1
9/13/2019 Houston, TX 1
8/30/2019 Stafford, TX Change from dinner. 1
8/27/2019 Conroe, TX It’s was change from my McDonald’s meal. 1
8/24/2019 Austin, TX Gas station 1
8/22/2019 Yucca Valley, CA Recycling center 1
7/29/2019 Bacliff, TX Was given cash back at valero corner store in bacliff texas. 1
7/29/2019 Houston, TX Convenience store near BW-8 and Brittmoore 1
7/18/2019 Big Bend National Park, TX Gas Station 1
7/15/2019 Kerrville, TX Tip at Billy Gene's restaurant 1 View Bills
7/9/2019 Terlingua, TX At a bar 1
6/30/2019 Houston, TX As change at the store. 1
6/16/2019 Houston, TX Got it from a McDonald’s 1
4/28/2019 Houston, TX Paycheck 1
4/5/2019 Houston, TX 2
4/5/2019 Houston, TX Given as change in AvantGarden Bar in Houston. 2 View Bills
3/7/2019 Store, TX Change at jack in the box 1 View Bills
2/18/2019 Houston, TX Tip at work 1
8/12/2018 Houston, TX Tips from my workplace 1
7/31/2018 Pasadena, TX 1
7/23/2018 Houston, TX paid in cash 1
6/12/2018 Houston, TX I believe I got it from a gas station or the atm 1
1/2/2018 Houston, TX 1