Words of Wisdom from the GURU Wizard

GURU is the #2 Stamper in the country and a regular source of inspiration, support, and advice for the Stampede.  Here are some of the latest tips for fellow stampers.

Stamper Tips from GURU

Tip #1

If you use Uber, Lift, or one of the other ridesharing services as I do you may appreciate that we miss a lot of opportunities to pay a taxi driver with stamped cash.  I have taken to paying my ridesharing driver her tip in stamped bills (if it was a good ride). It makes them happy and works to save our democracy.

Tip #2

How is the #StampStampede like saving for retirement?

  1. It’s hard to do regularly.
  2. It takes time, effort, and determination.
  3. The results are not immediate.
  4. But in the long run, it will make things better for you, your children and your grandchildren.

Tip #3

Follow the advice of fellow stampers! I borrowed an idea from a Super Stamper, GPHR, that lets me multiply my #stamped bills with very little effort:

  1. Get 100 one dollar bills at your bank.
  2. Go to another branch of the bank and deposit them in your account at their ATM.
  3. Repeat.

It does cost you time and money but it gets the money in circulation and it overcomes the temptation and growing trend to use a credit card or other electronic payment method for everything.

Do you have tips or musings that you want to share with fellow stampers? Email us at Info@StampStampede.org