Stamping Tips: August 2019 Edition

Over the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some of our dedicated stampers on calls with Head Stamper Ben Cohen. Oftentimes, stampers are eager to share their stamping tips with others on the call to grow the movement. We’ve taken some ideas from the latest call to bring you the first installment in a new Stamping Tips series!

Stamp in Public

Doug (UUCU) told us one of his favorite things to do during football season is to take his personal stamping station to Buffalo Wild Wings. He stamps his bills while watching the game, and starts a few conversations on money in politics in the process. This trick works just about anywhere: the farmers’ market, your local library, the bar, the possibilities are endless!

Alternate your bills

Both Doug and Jerry (STMP) alternate between new and used (crumpled) bills as they stamp. By stamping a new bill followed by an old bill and so on, you ensure the ink is less likely to run when the bills are stacked.

Trade Cash for Gift Cards

RUSH, one of our top stampers, previously revealed that he used stamped bills to purchase gift cards from gas stations and box stores, where change is used most often. He then uses these gift cards to buy big-ticket items that might otherwise be bought online with a credit card. Clearly it’s working!

Find out when new bills are available

The best way to ensure that your bills stay in circulation longer is to stamp new bills. Thanks to a little digging, Doug found two great times to find new bills at your local bank:

Two weeks a year, normally the last week of October and the first week of December, the Federal Reserve will honor request from banks for bricks of new bills. A brick is made up of 10 straps of 100 bills. So for singles, they must be ordered in  multiples of 1000 at a time which totals $1000.
There are 12 Federal Reserve Districts: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, St. Louis, and San Francisco. Many of these branches also include sub-branches, which you can find on each district website. You can make a quarterly phone call to the Fed locations and asking their cash department if they are currently distributing new singles. If the answer is yes, stampers in those regions could go to their banks and get them. Make sure to ask for unbroken bricks!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s call and shared their stamping tips! Be sure to check your email for information on the next call with Head Stamper Ben Cohen!