Stamper UUCU stamps with a new Stamping Platform

Stamper Leader UUCU took some advice from his wife, a scrapbooker, and created a stamping press made out of an arts and crafts stamping platform. Today, he shared with The Stampede how he created a stamping machine and is able to stamp all over his bills margins in a new clean way. Here is how the finished product looked: 

Stamping platforms can be purchased at your local craft stores, retail stores, or Amazon.

UUCU says of his new system: “It works great! I like using all 8 margins!”

 First, he ordered an unmounted stamp from this image:

UUCU’s created this stamp to help spread the message that money should not be used to bribe politicians.


UUCU had to get creative with a system of popsicle sticks, as you can see, but he was able to stamp the sides of two bills at once – doubling his message!

In the end, Stamper UUCU still wants to make some improvements on the inking process and the speed – but he’s doing the important work of getting the message out.

Thank you, UUCU, for your commitment to the cause and sharing your technique with us.

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