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Avoid static museum displays with gorilla tag, a thrilling virtual jungle full of monkeys that will make you jump for delight. You and other VR explorers can explore this dynamic setting. This setting favors pure movement, therefore avoid controls. Swing vigorously from branch to limb like Tarzan in a hairy jungle, pounding your arms. The wind will whip through your virtual fur as you chase other primates, making your heart race like a gorilla’s.

While Gorilla Tag is about swinging, it’s also a hilarious and exhilarating tag game. Use bold methods and swift evasions to exploit your foes. Use vines as makeshift ziplines and hiding branches to surprise assaults or escape capture. Perfect pursuits or desperate dashes to avoid capture are likely to make people laugh (and hurt).

Gorilla Tag stands out for its unexpected social depth. No need for voice chat—you sound like an ape here, roaring when you tag someone and shrieking when things go wrong. Expect entertaining accidental partnerships or the frustration (and secret satisfaction) of a tenacious pursuer.

Can you let go of mankind and follow your primates? Virtual reality (VR) goggles let you experience thrilling, unexpected enjoyment. Be mindful that even a tiny mistake could lead to literal and figurative labeling. Gorilla Tag, a humorous indoor playground, offers a unique and exciting experience without leaving your living room.