The Stamp Stampede
The Stamp Stampede

Millionaire Stamper Club

Becoming a Stamper Millionaire…

What makes you “rich” in the Stampede? It’s not your net worth…it’s how many people you reach with the message to #GetMoneyOut of politics! And when you’ve stamped enough dollars to reach 1 million people – about 1,143 bills – that’s what makes you a millionaire.

That’s why we created the Millionaire Stamper Club. Every bill is seen by approximately 875 people, and starting now we want to challenge you to stamp enough bills to reach 1 million people. Challenge yourself and fellow stampers to become a Millionaire Stamper.

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Here’s how it works:


Step 1

Take a picture of your stamped money showing how many bills you’ve decorated lately. A picture isn’t required, but it’s strongly encouraged!

Step 2

Use our online form to upload the picture from your phone or computer and enter how many bills you stamped in the picture. We’ll automatically calculate how many people might see those bills and they’ll be added to your tally. If you have been stamping for a long time but this is your first time submitting your stamped bills here please start where you are now instead of starting with the estimated number of bills you already stamped. It’ll be much more fun for you and others that way! Submit your stamped bills here.

Step 3

Click “Submit” on the form and see how close you are to achieving your goal of reaching 1 million people! And you can always check in on your progress by going directly to the leaderboards. Check out the leaderboards here.

And that’s it! Easy, right? Now go forth and stamp!

Submitting stamped bills from your phone? No problem.

We encourage you to read this guide before you get started. Many phones behave differently so make sure you test it yourself, but this guide should work for both iPhone and Android devices.

Step 1

Go to to find the form. Tilt your phone to show the site in landscape mode – it’s easier to read everything that way. If you have not submitted a stamped bill before, make sure you have selected “This is my first submission” at the top of the form. The process of uploading your picture is the same for both options.


Step 2

After entering in all the required information in the other fields, click the “Choose file” button. A menu will pop up. The menu will look different for different devices, but you will typically be presented with at least two options. One will let you take a picture to upload using your phone’s camera, and the other will let you find a picture you have already taken. Select the option that works best for you!


Step 3

Once you get your picture taken or selected, you’ll see the file name next the the “Choose file” button. That means it uploaded successfully. Check that you’ve entered all the other information you need and press “Submit” when you’re done. If you have a slow internet connection it may take a few seconds or longer to upload, so please be patient! If the little loading wheel is spinning, it’s working.


Step 4

You’ll be taken directly to the leaderboards after submitting your stamped bills. Track your progress and browse the tabs here to see how other stampers are doing! You can also click on the photos to see all the bills you and other stampers have submitted.


Now what are you waiting for?

Submit your stamped bills!