Stamper ID: BURN

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 99

Number of Times Reported: 51

Estimated Impressions: 44,625 times

Number of States Reported In: 19

Stamped in All States Ranking: 48

Recent Sightings

Stamper: BURN

Sighted in: Fairfield, CA

Date Reported: September 8 at 3:41 pm EST

Possession: Change back from gas station attendant.

Stamper: BURN

Sighted in: Gerlach, NV

Date Reported: September 4 at 2:07 pm EST

Possession: I went to indian tacos @ Oasis 447

Stamper: BURN

Sighted in: Bonsall, CA

Date Reported: September 3 at 9:46 am EST

Possession: Change given

Stamper: BURN

Sighted in: Aromas, CA

Date Reported: May 10 at 6:01 pm EST

Stamper: BURN

Sighted in: Portland, OR

Date Reported: May 6 at 12:01 am EST

Possession: Found it

BURN's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
9/8/2019 Fairfield, CA Change back from gas station attendant. 1
9/4/2019 Gerlach, NV I went to indian tacos @ Oasis 447 1
9/3/2019 Bonsall, CA Change given 1
5/10/2019 Aromas, CA 1
5/6/2019 Portland, OR Found it 1
3/2/2019 Cincinnati, OH Grocery transaction 1
1/11/2019 Glendale, CA self check out change at ralph’s 1
1/10/2019 Newport, VT Change from purchase. 1
12/17/2018 Dos Palos, CA Given to me as change at a local Starbucks 1
11/15/2018 Baton Rouge, LA Was given to me for gas 1
11/1/2018 Claremont, CA My friend got it from a local store 1 View Bills
10/29/2018 Ozark, AR Some change from a store 1 View Bills
10/22/2018 Sparks, NV 1
10/11/2018 Elmhurst, NY Change from buying bubble tea 1
9/24/2018 saranac, NY 1
9/22/2018 Chattanooga, TN 1
7/26/2018 Reno, NV A kind soul on the street. 1
7/20/2018 Cambridge, MA 1
7/3/2018 Fair Haven, VT retail sale at Gus' Tobacco Shop 1
5/9/2018 Weymouth, MA Liqour store 1
5/7/2018 Irvine, CA I got it at chevron 1
3/26/2018 Kennesaw, GA My lunch person gave me change and I got it 1
3/9/2018 Hollywood, FL 1
2/27/2018 Waldwick, NJ Paid with for latte 1
2/6/2018 Marion, NC My dad 1
1/30/2018 McKinleyville, CA CHANGE FROM 7-11 1
1/15/2018 Boone, NC Got it from a friend who broke a 20 into two 10’s, one had this stamp on it 1
1/11/2018 Miami, FL I got it from a cashier at zona Fresca near Miami dade wolfson campus. 1
12/29/2017 Elk Grove, CA Cashier handed it to me. 1
12/1/2017 Lexington, MA Got it as change from buying coffee 1
11/28/2017 San Diego, CA shopping at trader joes 1
11/19/2017 Kailua-Kona, HI Hm. 1
10/31/2017 Tuscaloosa, AL 1
10/31/2017 Tuscaloosa, AL 1
10/31/2017 Waterbury, VT My partner got it somewhere. 1 View Bills
10/22/2017 Chicago Heights, IL It was the change from my vodka soda. 1
10/20/2017 Chicago Heights, IL 1
10/16/2017 nassau, FL Client paid with it at one of our Cigar Stores here in Nassau BAHAMAS !! its funny because the code is BURN and it was at the cigar store !!! 1
10/9/2017 Vancouver, WA Tip 1
10/8/2017 Holyoke, MA 1
9/28/2017 Burning Man, NV Burning Man! Change from coffee at Center Camp. 1
9/19/2017 Newark, NJ 1
9/19/2017 Burlington, VT Store change 1
9/17/2017 Black Rock City, NV Volunteering as a cashier at Arctica! 1
9/16/2017 Black Rock City, NV A stranger handed it to me and said, "Here's a dollar." 1
9/16/2017 San Francisco, CA bought lunch downtown and got change 1
9/16/2017 San Jose, CA A friend paid me back with this 1! 1
9/11/2017 Oakland, CA i got change from this one gasoline 1
9/11/2017 Black rock city, NV Volunteered for center camp coffee, got "tips" for volunteering (didn't know it was a thing but 10$ isn't that bad for slinging lattes!) 1
9/5/2017 Chicago Heights, IL Provided as change as Reno Airport 1
8/17/2017 Washington, DC 1