Walk for #Democracy911, September 20-21

The #Democracy911 Walk is over 500 miles strong and approaching the finish line!

Renaldo Pearson of RepresentUs began his trek from Atlanta to D.C. on August 6th (the 54th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act) with a plan: walk 700 miles to D.C. and demand an end to political corruption. But he can’t do it alone. Renaldo is nearing the end of his journey, and he is asking supporters to join him in D.C. and call for a stronger democracy!

Join Renaldo in Washington, D.C., September 20-21!

Join Renaldo and the #Democracy911 team on their way to the steps of the Capitol, completing a historic 700-mile walk from Atlanta, GA to declare a state of emergency on political corruption and demand action. 


  • Friday, 9/20: The team will be walking 11 miles to the border of Washington, D.C. from Virginia, then joining supporters for an arrival celebration in the evening.
  • Saturday, 9/21: Renaldo, the #Democracy911 team, and their supporters will walk the final mile to the steps of the Capitol building, singing and chanting along the way. At the Capitol, Renaldo and other democracy reformers will speak and demand action from politicians. We’ll sit on the Capitol steps until political leaders respond.

What exactly is Pearson protesting?

According to the #Democracy911 website:

Over the past decade, voting rights have been increasingly endangered. Since 2008, 15,000 polling places have closed nationwide, 16 million people have been purged from voter rolls, and key Supreme Court rulings have gutted the Voting Rights Act and failed to stop partisan gerrymandering. These, alongside increased foreign intervention in online communications, and threats to the security of elections are motivating Pearson to make the walk as a “last-ditch effort to save our democracy.”

If you can’t be there to walk with Pearson in D.C., there are still ways you can show your support. Share your well-wishes on social media using the hashtag #Democracy911. Continue to spread the word after the walk with the special RepresentUs partner stamp!