VICTORY: Alaska becomes the 21st state calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to overturn Citizens United

On November 3rd Alaskans made history. In a tight vote, Alaska approved Ballot Measure No. 2, a suite of democracy reforms that will make both state and federal elections fairer, more transparent, and more accessible. Among them, a call for a new constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. 

“These mistaken Supreme Court decisions have invalidated longstanding anti-corruption laws in Alaska,” the measure reads. “Alaska shall now affirm the rights and powers of its citizens by prohibiting the use of dark money in its candidate elections and by supporting an amendment to the United States Constitution allowing citizens to regulate the raising and spending of money in elections.”

Alaska is the 21st state to signal its support for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, taking us one vital step closer to getting big money out of politics. 

This is a huge win for democracy reform, but it wasn’t a landslide: Measure 2 passed by a margin of just 4,000 votes. That’s why your voice matters in this fight – when the margins are this close, organizers like you can be the difference between victory and defeat. So keep stamping, keep organizing your communities, and keep fighting for our democracy!