Stamping Tips from Game Changers

Stamper GRPH passed Ben (Ben1) and Jerry (STMP) on the leaderboard yesterday with over 221 stamped bill sightings in less than 4 months — the fastest rising stamper to date.  So, Jerry emailed him to learn his secret, his answer could be a game changer for the Stampede.

“My secret is to not limit myself to what I can spend – I figured out that the new version of my bank’s atm takes no-envelope deposits and stamped bills make it through the scanner. So, I just pick up a few bundles from the bank, stamp them all and sometimes every one of them gets deposited right back to my own account, while also put into circulation – no spending required and no questions asked by tellers (I did learn not to get 1’s from a branch connected to atms I use because I got a few bundles all/mostly already stamped).” GRPH

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