Stampede Fitness Associates Core Plan

Stampede Fitness Associations is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stampede, Inc.

Almost every time you read some fitness article, it’s all about the core. It’s not about 6 packs anymore.  As a higher percentage of the population gets older and older, more and more of us are realizing that ship has sailed.

So all these businesses are trying to get in on the core craze.

Bicycling is good for your core.

Pilates is good for your core.

Free weights are good for your core —you name it, any physical activity business has rebranded itself to be “good for your core.”

Well, the Stampede is no exception. Far from being the lackadaisical couch potato activity that many wives and husbands say it is, STAMPING IS GOOD FOR YOUR CORE.


That’s right, the act of stamping properly is actually a good work out.  


And if you want to maximize your work out, do like the Head Stamper and use a GURU stamp and an old-fashioned ink pad. You can get the GURU stamp at our store.

If you push your stamp down on the ink pad with vigor several times and then apply significant pressure to the bill, you will note a tension in your abs.  Stamp a few hundred bills and FEEL THE BURN!

Not only that but we are also helping to save our democracy at the same time. So put that in your pilates and stretch it.