JOHN’s Ratio

Eureka! Stamper JOHN proved that the more stamped bills you have in circulation, the better chance you’ll have of someone reporting your bill.  We’ve named it John’s Ratio.

“My first report was after stamping 200 bills,” JOHN said, “the second came after stamping another 166. That’s 1/183.” JOHN has tracked every stamped bill and charted the ratio between the number of bills he has stamped and the number of his bills that have been reported.

By the time JOHN had stamped 680 bills, 10 were reported, dropping the ratio to 1/68. “Now that I have stamped 3330 bills, the ratio is just over 1/25.”

JOHN’s Ratio proves what we have long suspected — The Key Is To Keep On Stamping! If you’re already stamping, keep it up.  If you haven’t stamped today, get to it.  Together, we can rescue our democracy from the big money corruption.

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