Jerry Passes Ben on the Leaderboard

Ben and Jerry stamping money out of politics

In the past couple of months. Ben Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield has rapidly climbed up the Stamp Stampede Leaderboard into the top ten and passed Head Stamper, Ben Cohen. They are among the growing number of stampers with new stamps that have personal, four-digit codes. This allows stampers to be notified when people report bills, and the number of bills with that code are tracked on several Leaderboards, including national, regional, and group categories.

Stamp Stampede 2.0 is designed to make stamping more fun, which will motivate people to spread the message that we must overturn Citizens United with a 28th amendment to the Constitution to get money out of politics.

Stampede Sentinel: Congratulations on your success moving from the 40s on the Stampede Leaderboard and into the top ten.

Jerry Greenfield: Thanks! It’s really great to be among the stamping elite.

SS: Just so our readers know, your code is STMP. Aside from your rapid rise, what got our attention was that you passed your good friend and partner, Head Stamper Ben Cohen, on the Stampede Leaderboard. He seems fired up that you passed him.

JG: I think my position will be short-lived. The last time I saw him, he had a pile of one dollar bills and he was stamping away.

SS: Trying to pass you…

JG: Yeah. We have a friendly rivalry that motivates both of us to stamp money. It’s a fun way to build a movement to overturn Citizens United and get money out of politics.

SS: You’ve been stamping a long time. Suddenly you race up the Leaderboard. To what do you attribute your success?

JG: I got the GURU stamp a couple of months ago. The results are so much better – it relays the message and it is clear what the bill spotter should do to report the bill.

SS: Anything else?

JG: I went out west to visit my son and stamped a lot of bills before I left. You know, you spend a lot of money when you travel, on restaurants, transportation, and stuff. It’s a good opportunity to spend. I used cash for it all and when I left, I gave him some as a gift to help spread the word.

SS: Interesting. We’ve heard other stampers say they will trade money with out of town visitors.

JG: That’s a good idea.

SS: Do you get email notifications when one of your bills is spotted?

JG: Yeah, it makes my day! About one-third of them share their email address and I always write back.

SS: It sounds like you really enjoy participating.

JG: I like looking at the Leaderboard, too, checking out their ID numbers and profiles. I feel like I have a personal relationship with the other stampers. I enjoy the banter.

SS: It’s like being in a club.

JG: Exactly.

SS: Are there any other activities that you join to promote a 28th amendment to the constitution?

JG: I like to team up with Ben on the things he’s doing. I like not being the leader and hanging with Ben.

SS: Are there any other issues important to you?

JG: Inequality – racial, economic – just the general unfairness that I see. I think most people have a sense of fairness and they don’t like what’s happening. That’s very motivating for me.

SS: We have to ask, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

JG: Americone Dream.

SS: Thanks for your time, Jerry.

JG: Ok. Keep on stamping!