Help Stamp Money Out of Politics While Getting Your Veggies

One of my favorite places to spend my Stamp Stampede money is at the farmer’s market. We all know we should be eating less processed and fast food, so I propose you visit your local farmers’ market every week and spend as many one dollar and five dollar bills as you can. Many of the farmers don’t take credit cards anyway and they love $1 and $5 denomination bills. Buy local! Spread those stamped bills! Eat healthier! It’s a win, win, win situation.

But here’s a question and I’d love to hear your thoughts – what’s the best response when you see the farmer looking quizzically at the stamped words? It’s a bit more personal at a farmers’ market because typically you’ve just been chatting with the vendor about his produce. Also the money isn’t being shoved into a cash register to be collected later by a manager. Do you proudly say, “I’m helping to stamp money out of politics and you can learn more at STMPR.ME – see right here on your dollar”? Or do you move along once your transaction is complete? I hope not, as we’re supposed to be spreading the word.

I’m fine explaining the Stamp Stampede to others, but the first time I gave stamped bills to an Amish farmer, I was a little tongue-tied. He didn’t ask, he just looked at the bills and looked at me and looked at the bills again. There was an awkward silence and then I just said my usual – that it’s a campaign to get big money out of politics.

Stamp some more bills – go to the farmers’ market soon!