A Found Bill Story

Here at HQ, we love hearing how people first got involved in the Stampede. Some take to stamping through friends and family, others through workshops or fundraising events. Many find their way to stamping as a result of a found bill.

When Gwen of North Bend, WA encountered a stamped bill in her restaurant change, she reported it on our website and provided her email address. The stamper, Steve (TSTE), decided to reach out to Gwen and thank her for reporting his stamped bill. He was surprised by her response:

Hi Steve, thanks for writing!
I still have that 5 dollar bill with me, I plan to use it to donate to a candidate that supports repealing the Citizens United ruling. I just happen to support that cause myself, so it was serendipitous that I got that back in change at a restaurant. I plan to purchase one of these stamps myself and stamp all of my money with it. Thanks for sharing this tool and thanks for supporting the cause to get dark money out of our political system. Have a great day!

“It brought a wide smile to my face,” Steve told us.

It’s stories like these that remind us why we love the Stampede. The practice of decorating dollars makes us unique among democracy reformers. It allows us to spread our message in a constant and creative way. Big money in politics and voter suppression affect all of us, and it’s our job to return democracy to the people! TKITKOS!

Do you have a found bill story to share? Email it to us at info@stampstampede.org!

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