The tax scam, net neutrality, drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuge, it’s simple, lawmakers have sold out the American people for campaign contributions and kickbacks. We’re saying enough is enough, it’s time to end the reign of corporations and billionaires and take back our democracy.

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates of unlimited money to buy access and influence with local, state, and federal officials.  The Supreme Court said money is free speech, so we’re making our money scream by legally rubber stamping messages like “Not To Be Used To Bribe Politicians” on over 1 million bills.  You stamp it, you spend it, and the message will circulate and be seen over 875,000,000 times.  That’s a protest Congress cannot ignore.

The beautiful thing about stamping is that anyone can do it, anytime, anywhere.

Pledge to stamp, invite your friends, post photos on social media, and stay tuned for updates on how together, we can make a huge impact to take on corruption in U.S. politics.

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