Shop StampsThere’s a lot you can do to have an impact with the Stamp Stampede! If you’re interested in getting involved, get a stamp to start getting the word out and we’ll alert you to opportunities as they come along. You can also:

  • Setup a Stamping Station. We now offer stamping stations to local businesses or organizations to put on display and get people stamping. If you’re part of a club, organize events, or own a business you can get your own stamping station for FREE.
  • Write or call-in to your local newspaper, news website, or TV station to tell them about the Stampede and your own stamping efforts. You can even write an op-ed or Letter to the Editor for them to publish.
  • Add a widget to your website or emails.
  • Setup your own local Stampede Twitter and Facebook Group in coordination with our digital media team. Contact for more information on doing this.
  • Organize a local event, such as a screening of the film “Pay 2 Play,” or coordinate with local chapters of other groups in the movement (see below) to get them to start stamping too.

We’re not alone! There are other organizations out there working hard to get money out of politics. Stamping is an important part of building the movement, and the groups below are all about putting that movement into action. They even have their own stamps! Wolf PAC, Represent.Us, and Move to Amend each have amazing nationwide volunteer communities that can use your help. Explore even more organizations doing important work on this issue here, including Public Citizen’s Action Network (check “Government Reform Initiative” when you sign up).

Move to Amend

We are a grassroots campaign — our volunteers work in their local community to educate about our movement. After signing up, we’ll send you details about how to find out if there is a local group near you, and if not, how to get one started.

Learn more about Move to Amend.
Sign up to volunteer.

Represent US

“Ready to take real action on behalf of the anti-corruption movement? Excellent! Hundreds of volunteers are forming local Represent.Us chapters to pass a wave of anti-corruption laws and resolutions across the country.”

Learn more about Represent.Us.
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Wolf Pac

“We will pass the 28th amendment to bring Free and Fair Elections to America, and we will reclaim our democracy. We have the right plan, the right leader and people on our side. We will walk you through how you can help every step of the way.”

Learn more about Wolf PAC.
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It’s very important to learn more about the issues and stay informed. If you’re looking for a basic understanding of money in politics, check out our guide to the issue here. Our friends at Public Citizen have also put together some fantastic resources here. To learn more, you can browse our list of resources, books and videos to help get you started.  These resources outline the influence of unregulated money in politics and highlight some of the different reforms that advocates and representatives are pursuing.

You can learn about the various constitutional amendments that are currently being debated in Congress here and see what legislative reform might look like here.


Talk to your friends, your family and your neighbors:  Ask them what they think about the amount of money being spent on elections.

Talk to your elected representatives: Ask them what they think about the increase of money in politics and if they support any of the proposed reforms.

Spread the word on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other sites are great places to share news and stories about the movement to get money out of politics.

If you have any questions, contact us at