The Stampede is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

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The Stampede is over 60,000 Americans legally stamping messages on our Nation’s currency to #GetMoneyOut of Politics. As the amount of stamped money grows, so does the movement to amend the Constitution.
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It's time for everyday Americans to have a voice!
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The number of impressions is based on the assumption that each stamp sold will stamp 1095 one dollar bills, or three dollars a day for a year. But we hope you'll stamp a lot more. After all, it's slightly subversive, totally legal, and a lot of fun.


We're over 33% of the way to an amendment.
states have voted for it. 150 Members of Congress support it.
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A Petition on Steroids



Every dollar you stamp will reach 875 people, if you stamp 5 dollars a day for a year, that's over a million. Together, we can create a stampede that Congress can't ignore.

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Share Stamp Stampede with your friends and family by hosting stamping parties, and spreading the word :



From protests, to ballot initiatives, to support in congress, the movement to amend the constitution is gathering momentum rapidly.

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  • "Ben Cohen's Best Flavor Yet: Rubber
    Stamp Your Cash"

    -Andrew Tobias

    "Occupy Your Wallet: Movement plans to rubber-stamp currency"

    -The Daily Caller

    "Money in Politics is Killing our Democracy"

    -Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer

    “We have to fight harder, and building public awareness is critical to make the necessary progress."

    -The Daily Caller
  • "An easy and fun way to take a stand
    against money in politics"

    -David Crosby

    “An easy and fun way to take a stand against money in politics.”

    -Communication Workers of America

    "Ice cream magnate Ben Cohen wants to lick Citizens United, one dollar bill at a time. "

    -Mother Jones
  • “We need a stampede to rout the special interests who have corralled Congress.
    And that's what we're doing.”

    -Ben & Jerry

    “The Stampede marketing campaign may become the new model for how to fuse social media and grass-roots activism”


    "The Stampede is about giving voice to the 80% of Americans that realize that unlimited campaign "contributions" are corrupting our democracy and want to get money out of politics. "

    -Graham Nash

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