The Stamp Stampede
The Stamp Stampede

Not to be Used to Buy Elections – Self-Inking Desk Stamp

This is a state of the art high volume desk model self-contained stamper, which uses an internal ink pad. If you’re gonna be stamping a lot of bills at a sitting, this is the quickest and easiest way to do it. It is spring-loaded so that it re-inks automatically after each use. No external ink pad required. The internal ink pad is red, re-inkable, and replaceable.

All Stampede stamps now include your own 4-digit user ID. This enables you to be notified in real time when someone reports spotting your bill. Your found bills will also be featured on a map and added to your personal tally on leaderboards alongside other stampers. You must first enter this four-digit user ID below in order to continue with the order process.


  • Each Stamper gets one Stamp ID so choose carefully. If you already have a Stamp ID please log in before shopping - the cart cannot let you rewrite your ID.
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