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Step Right Up and See the Amazing Amend-O-Matic Stamp Mobile! 

Winner of the Common Ground fair's educational exhibit prize!

As part of the get out the word campaign, we’ve created the Amend-O-Matic StampMobile, a Rube Goldberg kind of device mounted on a flatbed 21' cutaway van. Check out the video below to see it in action.  

Here's how the Amend-O-Matic Stamp Mobile works:  People approach the machine on the right and clamp their dollar bill into a platen which rides on the miniature blue monorail. It then enters the spiral elevator where the center rotor pushes it around and around until it reaches the top.  It then coasts down the winding monorail.  On the way it pops up a sign that says "Corporations are not people."  Then it comes to a man dressed in a top hat.  As it goes by the top hat and face swivels to the side and reveals that it's hiding a corporate office tower.  Then it rotates a sign that says "Money does not equal speech."  Then it comes to a face of a man.  When it goes by his mouth opens and money pours out.  Then it comes to the stamping station where the bill is stamped with one of two messages-- "Stamp Money Out of Politics-- Amend the Constitution" or "Not To Be Used For Bribing Politicians-- Amend the Constitution".  Then they take their dollar bill out of platen.  They then have an opportunity to buy a self-inking stamp at our cost ($10)


What People are Saying About Us 


"The Amend-o-matic was like a Dr. Suess Monkey Mcbean Machine combined with a Willie Wonka Cranker Clanker...imaginative and fun but forceful in its message that $ and politics hurts our democracy! As my bill was banging and clanging through the machine being transformed.... a group of the Seeger family showed up. There were Grandparents Pete, Toshi and a parade of Grand Kids running up to put their dollars into the Amend-O-Matic... they were having so much fun someone forgot to pull Toshis dollar out of the machine...  We were sure to run after her and make sure she got her dollar... and she was happy!"

~ Jeff Rumpf, Executive Director of Clearwater Festival



Photos of the Stamp Mobile


Behind the Scenes with Ben and Jerry

Ben and Jerry Stamp Mobile

Click here to see more great photos of Ben and Jerry at work!

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