#ScareMoneyOut Halloween Contest

This Halloween, the Stamp Stampede encourages you to make big money in politics less scary by dressing up in your very own "money in politics" themed costume. And of course, we're giving away treats! The runner-up winner will receive 1 pint ofBen & Jerry's ice cream and the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive 5 pints of free Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Send us a picture of your "big money in politics" themed Halloween costume. Brownie points to folks who have a stamped bill in their submitted photos.


Submit a photo of your stamped bills alongside your Halloween decorations!

How it works:
1. Email your photos to halloween@StampStampede.org
2. OrTweet/Instagram your photos to @StampStampede -- use hashtags #StampContest or #ScareMoneyOut
3. Or, post them to our Facebook Page or Facebook Group with hashtags #StampContest or #ScareMoneyOut
4. All submissions will be accepted until November 2, 2015.
FAQ: Your costume contest entry does not have to be worn on Halloween. You can submit your contest photos prior to Halloween.

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