The Stampede is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

#ScareMoneyOut Halloween Contest

This Halloween, the Stamp Stampede encourages you to make big money in politics a little less scary by dressing up in your very own "money in politics" themed costume or decorations. And of course, we're giving away treats! The runner-up winner will receive 1 pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive 5 pints of free Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Send us a picture of your "big money in politics" themed Halloween costume. Brownie points to folks who have a stamped bill in their submitted photos.


Submit a photo of your stamped bills alongside your Halloween decorations!

How it works:
1. Email your photos to
2. OrTweet/Instagram your photos to @StampStampede -- use hashtags #StampContest or #ScareMoneyOut
3. Or, post them to our Facebook Page or Facebook Group with hashtags #StampContest  or #ScareMoneyOut
4. All submissions will be accepted until November 3, 2015.
FAQ: Your costume contest entry does not have to be worn on Halloween. You can submit your contest photos prior to Halloween.

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