The Stampede is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

The goal of stamping paper currency is to get the anti-big-money message on the bills you stamp seen by as many people as possible.

You can be a casual stamper and not follow the tips below or you can be an expert stamper and follow them.  We love all stampers.  But we love expert stampers more.

Getting the message you stamp seen by the maximum number of people involves two variables:

1)         Making the stamp on the bill as visible as possible so that people can’t miss it when they receive the bill;

2)         Avoiding the bill being classified as “soiled money” and being kicked out by the automatic scanners when it gets to one of ten Federal Reserve Banks around the country.

Download the Complete Guide to Stamping 

Now that you know where to stamp your bills the only thing that could go wrong is that you fail to abide by the watchword of our movement: TKITKOS - The Key is to Keep on Stamping! And we've got a fun way to make that easy: the Millionaire Stamper Club.

Track your money stamping progress with the Millionaire Stamper Club.

Check out the Millionaire Stamper Club here, start submitting your stamped bills, and we'll track how many people will see your messages! You can look back at  the progress you've made and see how other stampers are doing, too. It's a ton of fun and only mildly addicting. The leaderboard lets you see how you many bills you've stamped in total and in the last 30 days, and you can browse through photos of all your submitted stamped moolah.


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