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For the last several weeks, I've setting up stamping stations in the Pioneer Valley.  With 30 stamping stations set up in the last 3 weeks, local business owners have made the statement clear: GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.  Not only are these local businesses advocating  for change, many of them are actively participating in the Stampede.  As I spoke to Byron of “Feeding Tube     Records” on King St. about the Stampede, he took all of the money out of his till and stamped every single bill, the whole time a big toothy smile was plastered to his face.  There is something truly cathartic about stamping money with the words “NOT TO BE USED FOR BRIBING POLITICIANS,” and I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so.  Keith over at “Shop Therapy Northampton” on Main St. took a similar stand.  He almost immediately got behind the Stampede, stating his displeasure with a corrupted system, and later sent me a personal e-mail that informed me that he, inspired by Byron, also stamped all the money in his till.

The reasons for these local businesses joining the Stampede are not identical. While all seem to stem from some sense of dissatisfaction with the status-quo, many are just fed up with a non-representative government. Andy over and Bob’s Comics N’ More on King St. in Northampton told me a story that really made me angry. He told me that he messed up on his taxes one year, and upon being audited, paid the $500 he owed, and did so willingly, upon finding out he made a mistake. However, that very same year, we found out that the Wendy’s down the road had been avoiding tax payment for years; what amounted to millions of dollars in unpaid revenue, and they were never made to pay a dime. Andy gladly joined the stampede.

                One thing I’ve noticed is that it is not easy for a business to make the decision to take a stand. There are worries of ostracizing
customers by incorporating a political message into a non-political business.  It definitely takes some courage to set up a stamping station in a business.  That being said, as I wander the streets of Northampton and Amherst, and re-visit some of the businesses that were somewhat skeptical of joining, there has been nothing but positive feedback.  Customers love the stamping station and are thanking the owners for being involved.  And I thank the businesses for taking a stand.  In order to build the momentum for historical change, the very purpose of the Stamp Stampede, we need brave people to take risks, to take a stand against corruption and bribery, and to yell it from the mountaintops (or at least from their businesses): Get Money Out!

If you're in the valley, check out some of these awesome restaurants and stores.  If you want to help kick start the Stampede in your community, stop by our shop and pick up a stamp (Sold at Cost).  Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  Or contact us and see how you can volunteer to help Get Money Out. 


Amherst, MA

Food For Thought Books

106 N. Pleasant St.

Primos Pizzeria Too

255 Triangle St.

The Mercantile

11 E Pleasant St.

Rogue Tattoo & Piercing

233 N Pleasant St.

The Harp Irish Pub

163 Sunderland Rd.

Wheatberry Bakery

321 Main St.

Laughing Dog Cyclery

63 S Pleasant St.



323 Student Union, UMass

Umass Bicycle Co-op

319 Student Union, UMass

Campus Design & Copy

403 Student Union, UMass

Mango Mango

61 Main St.

Second Chances Kids Consignment

7 Pomeroy Ln.


Hadley, MA

Gray Matter Books

47 East St

Primos Pizza

103 Russell St.


Northampton, MA

The Mercantile

108 Main St.

The Hempest

177 Main St.

Paradise Copies

21 Conz St.

Raven Used Books

4 Old South St.

Mosaic Café

78 Masonic St.

Acadia Herbals

2 Conz St.

Haven Body Arts

108 Main St.

Local Burger

16 Main St.

Credo Skate Shop

16 Armory St.

Oh My! Sensuality Shop

122 Main St.

Feeding Tube Records

90 King St.

Bang Bang Body Arts

7 Armory St.

Shop Therapy

135 Main St.

Bob's II Comics

62 King St.


88 Main St.

Written by Zack Kamel — April 14, 2013


Mara Cohen:

Can’t wait to start the stampede in my area and disperse the concept and the website throughout the country through my national organizing work at to get money out of politics. Hopefully, it will spread like wildfire!

May 18 2013 at 02:05 PM


How bout a station out west in Los Angeles!

July 06 2013 at 01:07 PM

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