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Check out what Shepard Fairey had to say about stamping money out of politics. He's the man behind the iconic Obama ''Hope'' poster and longtime advocate of political reform. It's a wonderful thing to have such a brilliant artist, entrepreneur, and corruption fighter supporting the Stampede.

Shepard wrote on his website:

If you have been frustrated by the bureaucracy around political corruption and campaign finance reform, take direct action to make your voice heard! Check out the site started by Ben Cohen, long time progressive activist and co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s. I may do a money stamp for them. Turns out that stamping money is not illegal, but it is a great canvas for discouraging political bribery that should be illegal. Get stampin’!

Shepard also joined Larry Lessig and others to help judge an art contest focused specifically on systemic corruption that results from Big Money in politics. Here's the winner -- give it a share:


Written by Lee Woodsmall — April 17, 2014

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