The Stampede is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

The 2nd Annual Stampede Photo Contest is currently underway and will end on January 18. 

You don’t have to be some super duper whiz bang photographer to win... but we do think that our stampers are pretty clever. Here are some of the entries we've gotten so far.


Portland, OR


Frank Zappa - Menominee, MI


Stamping Commitment - Guilford, CT


And what do you win you might ask?


Well, how much is that you might ask?

52 pints.

Only 52 pints?


That’s right. You’re supposed to limit your intake to 52 pints a year.  One a week. That’s enough.

Don’t over do it.


But it’s not about the 52 pints.  It’s about the 52 free pint certificates that you get.  Very cool. Exclusive kind of thing. You’ll be the most popular kid on your block. Seriously. 


So Stamp Your Bill$. Be Creative. Take a picture. Send it in to 

Or twitter @stampstampede #stampcontest

Or Post it on our Facebook Page

Or to Instagram #stampcontest #GetMoneyOut


Need a stamp? No Problem - Visit our stamp store and we'll get it to you in a jiffy. 



Written by Ben Cohen — January 08, 2014

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