The Stamp Stampede
The Stamp Stampede

Art Inspired by the Stampede Campaign to Overturn Citizens United and Get Big Money Out of Politics

Over these past few years, we have had some very talented stampers who took the Stampede campaign and gave it an artistic edge. Here are a few of our favorites pieces!

Alayna drew these fun Stampede-related art pieces below to pass out around Hanover, New Hampshire–

The very talented Alayna Josz put together some art.

John G sent this over to us in the spirit of recruiting more stampers. The image conveys: “We want you–to start stamping!”–

John Greer‎ to #StampStampede: We want you!

The blogger and illustrator Cake Spy drew this playful picture after meeting our Head Stamper Ben and hearing about the Stampede–

Cake Spy hears about Ben

This image was created by a very talented Stamper with the pseudonym MamaMangrove–

This image was created by a very talented Stamper with the pseudonym MamaMangrove! #StampStampede #CitizensUnited #GetMoneyOut

And of course we can’t forget the amazing “Dollar $how” group exhibition–of +100 art pieces inspired by stamped dollars–that Diane H put together last year!

From the amazing "Dollar $how" group exhibition--of art inspired by stamped dollars--that Diane H put together in 2015!

Victory! Washington Secretary of State Certifies I-735!

Initiative 735, which calls for disclosure and a constitutional amendment to allow limits on spending in elections, was just certified by Washington State’s Secretary of State! This victory was 100% due to the incredible power of grassroots organizing.

Washington Secretary of State certifies Initiative 735!  Inbox x

It was a tremendous display of people-power with the WAmend coalition and hardworking volunteers engaging the people of Washington State, the Washington unions, over 30 state and district democratic clubs, and dozens of churches and non-profits. Together they were able to gather over 337,000 signatures. Now with this final nod from the Secretary of State, the initiative is OFFICIALLY going before the legislature.


Will you be in Washington on the evening of Wednesday, February 3rd? Celebrate this great news and support WAmend’s continued fight at their event in the Lower Level of Town Hall Seattle. The event is a special reception & fundraiser with the author Derek Cressman, a committed activist and stamper, who just published his best-selling book, “When Money Talks – The High Price of ‘Free’ Speech and the Selling of Democracy.” Get more information on this event and your tickets here.

Fun Updates from the Stampede in New Hampshire

Author and journalist John Nichols, a longtime friend of the Stampede, gave our campaign a shout out during one of his presentations in New Hampshire. He also worked on stamping a large pile of moolah after his talk–thanks John!

Author and journalist John Nichols, a longtime friend of the Stampede, gave our campaign a shout out during one of his presentations.

We also got to introduce the talented actress, Heather Matarazzo, to the Stampede this month. She loved the idea of our mass visual protest, and took a stamp as well as one of our popular “Stamp Money Out of Politics” t-shirts with her home.

We also got to introduce the talented actress, Heather Matarazzo, to the Stampede this month.

Get Money Out of Politics Task Force @ the Florida Manatee Festival

At the 2016 Florida Manatee Festival, the Get Money Out of Politics Task Force of the Nature Coast Unitarian Universalists (NCUU) had a table setup with one of our Stamping Stations–what a nice display! It looks like everyone had a fun time.

End Citizens United--Stamp Stampede tabling at the Manatee Festival 2016 in Florida.

Citizens who want to #GetMoneyOut of politics and overturn #CiitzensUnited


Here is what one of the volunteers, Andrea, had to say about her tabling experience: “At first I was afraid of the reception we’d get by having folks stamp real money. But amazing, no problems, and the folks loved it. (The lawyer letter came in handy a couple times when a few folks wanted to know if it was legal to stamp the real bills.) Those who didn’t have bills on them or preferred not to stamp their money, loved stamping the fake million dollar bills. Most loved the stamp that said ‘Not to be used for bribing politicians‘ the most.”

Get Money Out of Politics Task Force @ the Florida Manatee Festival--great banner of!

People who stopped by the booth felt emboldened to discuss the issue of big money’s corruptive influence in politics, and learn how they can get involved.

Overturn the Citizens United decision!

Overturning the Citizens United--one bill at a time!

Florida–get ready to spot a swarm of stamped bills!

End big money

Learn more about the Stamp Stampede campaign here!If you would like to get a free Stamping Station for your organization or small business, visit this page.

And this photo (below) is of Cheryl and Linda. Cheryl, on the left, was the awesome lady who connected the NCUU’s Get Money Out of Politics Task Force with the Stampede campaign!

Cheryl and Linda volunteering at booth at Martin Luther King Memorial, Jan 18, 2016 in Crystal River, FL.

‘Baby Got PACs!’ from AJ+, AKA Know Your Citizens United Facts

Check out this hilarious video “Baby Got PACs!” from AJ+: 

Great parody of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” to describe the state of big money influencing our elections — “I like super PACs and I cannot lie!” It also works very effectively as a digestible and entertaining starter tool for understanding secret money in campaigns, aka super PACs. Learn more about big money in politics with our refresher available here.

Derek Cressman’s When Money Talks: The High Price of ‘Free’ Speech & the Selling of Democracy


Americans know that the corrupting influence of special interest money is destroying our democratic process. And now that the Citizens United decision has thrown out campaign spending limits as abridgments of free speech, they want to know what they can do about it.

Derek Cressman gives us the tools, both intellectual and tactical, to fight back in his new book “When Money Talks: The High Price of ‘Free’ Speech & the Selling of Democracy.” Cressman examines how courts have foiled attempts to limit campaign spending, what a constitutional amendment limiting paid speech should say, and explains how concerned citizens can use an overlooked political tool to help gain its passage.

Seven times before in our history we have passed constitutional amendments to overturn wrongheaded rulings by the Court and there’s no reason we can’t do it again.

Derek has worked tirelessly to strengthen campaign finance laws since 1995 as Director of the State PIRG’s Democracy Program and Vice President for States with Common Cause. He ran for California Secretary of State in the June 2014 primary. He is also an avid stamper with the Stamp Stampede!Derek Cressman, campaign finance reformer and author of "When Money Talks - The High Price of  

If you are in Seattle, join Derek at a fundraiser sponsored by WAmend for the “Yes on I-735” initiative campaign to Get BIG Money Out of Elections, which will be on the Washington State November 2016 ballot! Initiative 735 urges Congress to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution to overturn the 2010 Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. All of the proceeds from this event’s ticket and book sales will be go to the campaign. For more details on “When Money Talks,” click here. For more readings on money in politics, please visit our book recommendations page.

Republican Presidential Candidate Jim Gilmore Supports Ending Citizens United & Joining the Stamp Stampede Campaign

Republican presidential candidate and former governor of Virginia Jim Gilmore agrees: “The system isn’t broken –it’s fixed,” which is the message rubber-stamped in red ink on the dollar he holds up in the photo below–


This week, our field organizers Keith and Ryan spoke to Gilmore in New Hampshire about the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and how this decision coupled with a handful of other misguided rulings has changed the landscape of our elections. Gilmore, who was very supportive of the Stamp Stampede campaign–both in cause and tactic–stated: “We’re basically told who to vote for based on who has the most money.”

Breaking News in California to Overturn Citizens United!

News came today that California’s top court has ruled that Californians can officially vote on a statewide measure that calls on Congress to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

This ruling is groundbreaking, and it essentially decrees — voter input matters.


All across this country, voters are mad as hell with ultra-wealthy groups buying influence and access in Washington. Now thanks to this statewide measure, Golden Staters can instruct their government to put a stop to the unlimited money flooding our elections—officially and formally—at the polls this year.

The movement to reclaim our republic’s democratic values is about protecting ordinary voters and their political interests. This California Supreme Court ruling upholds this very goal to keep America a government made of, by, and for the people.

In the New Year, expect more victories, more stamping, and more growth in the democracy movement – stay tuned!

‘The Future We Want’ Rally in Manchester, NH

Before the start of the Democratic presidential debate at St. Anselm College on Saturday, December 19, join us at the Radisson Hotel (700 Elm St.) at 1:00 PM in Manchester, New Hampshire for “The Future We Want” march and rally.

We will make our way down Elm Street to call on the Democratic field to articulate a vision for a clean energy future that invests in economic security for families and small businesses and puts voters ahead of special interests.

The Stampede will be there with over 15 other advocacy groups and hundreds of local activists to support a fair and just vision for America. Don’t miss this exciting demonstration of people-power!

And don’t forget to join the Facebook group for the state of New Hampshire.

Stamp Stampede Fights Citizens United Ruling by Stamping Big Money Out of Politics

Stamping Stations in New Hampshire

We’ve had some wonderful responses from small business owners in the New Hampshire area in the fight to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. Namely, many have installed Stamping Stations in their stores so their customers can take a stab at stamping their moolah while learning about the issue of big money in politics. Paesano’s Pizza (below) even hosted a stamping-pizza party!

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We truly appreciate all the amazing love and support from local businesses for the Stampede campaign in the Granite State. Go check out where all the other Stamping Stations are and photos from our activists on the ground here.