The Stamp Stampede
The Stamp Stampede

Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening Update

Democracy Spring, the weeklong demonstration against big money’s role in politics, began this Monday with hundreds of protestors on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

Despite mass arrests of +700 demonstrators and counting, an unceasing tide of activists continue to gather every single day to put our government back in the hands of We the People.

Join the fight to get big money out of politics.

This massive display of people-power has been an incredibly awe-inspiring and moving scene to witness. Here is a photo of one of our fellow stampers, George, at the sit-in:

Member of the, George, at the Democracy Spring sit-ins to get big money out of politics!

As the number of total participants get into the tens of thousands, this week of action is only just beginning.

A bold and visionary series of events in Washington, D.C. are planned for the coming weekend. This Democracy Awakening will include teach-ins, concerts, panels with money-in-politics leaders, and will lead up to an epic rally on Sunday.

Head Stamper Ben urges you to join him in D.C. this Sunday at this momentous rally to make some noise and stamp, stamp, STAMP money out of politics!

Learn about the Democracy Awakening events here.

Overturn Citizens United! Democracy awakens!

Now–the beautiful thing about the Stampede is that it’s a simple and powerful action that you can do anywhere, anytime. So even if you can’t join us in D.C., you can always stamp, stamp, STAMP money out of politics.

Five Super Stamper Society (S3) bills spotted last night!


In the course of one night, five stamped bills with unique IDs provided through the Super Stamper Society (S3) were spotted and reported yesterday! 

Of the five, we’re happy to report that four of them count as first-time sightings for these lucky new Super Stampers: 1948, 6060, and H2G2 (their usernames).

They are now officially on the hallowed S3 leaderboard!

1948‘s bill was stamped in Florida’s Palm Beach County, and spotted nearby in West Palm Beach. 6060‘s S3 bill was stamped and found in St. Louis, MO. And H2G2—beautifying his bucks from San Jose, CA—got TWO of his first S3 bills spotted yesterday: one in Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA and another spotted in San Diego, CA. Lastly, DCJE’s bill from Washington, DC was found in Fairfax, VA.

Join the Super Stamper Society and get a S3 stamp here.


Already a S3-er? Keep score and check your current position on the leaderboard here.

Check the entire map of found S3 bills here.

The fight to overturn Citizens United & get big money out of politics continues with the Society of Super Stampers (S3), which is a group of Stampers who use special stamps that come with user IDs so that when someone spots one of their stamped bills, they can be notified.

How Stampers are Getting the Word Out to Get Big Money Out of Politics Everywhere They Go…Even on Vacation!

Our stampers are releasing stamped bills all over the world and introducing the Stampede campaign at a number of interesting events. 

Stamper Mary S. from the state of Hawaii took her stamps to her district’s Democratic presidential caucus a few weeks ago. While she and her friends awaited the start of the caucus, Mary pulled out her stamps, and got about six people around her to start stamping their cash. She plans to do it again at her county’s Rules and Platform Committee meetings on the north end of Hawaii’s Big Island. Let’s all follow Mary’s lead and get involved in local politics and get our communities versed in this issue and get them stamping money out of politics. Go Mary!


We recently sent over a Stamping Station to the wonderful ladies, Robyn and Michelle Lytle, who have a little business called the TaTa Top, and they’ve been bringing their new stamp around on their travels. They sent us some pictures and a message over the weekend, saying: “Some stamped dollars made their way to the island of Nevis in West Indies! Here are some photos of the money stamped at a tiny beach bar. We told everyone about Stamp Stampede. We can’t wait until festival season starts to have our stamping station set up at our booths, but for now….we are traveling in our off season and spreading the word everywhere we go!” Thank you for bringing the Stampede with you on vacation, Robyn and Michelle!

Overturn Citizens United and get big money out of politics--join!

Fight for Democracy THIS SPRING of 2016

Join the fight for our democracy this April in Washington, D.C. with your choice of multiple events–

Sign-up for Democracy Spring.

From April 11-16, thousands of people will gather in Washington, D.C. in a massive non-violent sit-in. And over 3,000 activists have already pledged to risk arrest for this Democracy Spring sit-in, including folks like Mark Ruffalo and Lawrence Lessig.

Sign-up for the Democracy Awakening.

From April 16-18, there will be the HUGE Democracy Awakening weekend. There will be teach-ins on how our democracy in crisis affects issues like workers’ rights and our environment, visits to congressional offices, and a huge rally where we can show how strong our movement is.
Change won’t happen unless we band together in extraordinary numbers and demand it. And that’s what’s happening right now. You’re not going to want to miss this.

The Problem with Citizens United

Corporations reached their ascension into a pseudo homo-sapiens status with the Supreme Court’s pivotal Citizens United ruling in 2010. This decision granted them Constitutional protection for limitless political free speech — in the form of money.

Consequently, the ruling opened the floodgates to unrestricted campaign donations, and consequently, our multi-billion dollar elections. The problem with Citizens United is how it officially shifted legislative and judicial priority from human flourishing to corporate flourishing.

Overturn Citizens United & the era of corporate personhood and big money in politics!

In the past, all rights given to corporations have always been undergirded by the goal of primarily serving the American people. For example, limited liability for corporate shareholders leads to more investors, and we all technically benefit from the resulting vibrant economy.

On the other hand, corporations do not have the right to “plead the fifth” and must disclose their finances and corporate documents when under investigation for wrongdoings that could harm the public.

We have all heard the popular chant, “Corporations are not people.” I would add, “…and should have distinct and secondary legal consideration to people”—but that would be the longest and worst slogan ever coined in history.

Citizens United brought about a new order. It established a corporate right that privileged corporations — as if there was a newly recognized corporate personhood that trumped “We the People.”

The result has been an influx of corporate money in our elections, which has distanced legislators from the people’s interests and voters from political candidates bound completely to big money.

Citizens United has most certainly hurt the American people.

“Corporate personhood” is referencing the Supreme Court’s impudence in assessing and advancing corporate motivations alone without thought to how these new privileges could harm the public. Their decision is troubling and flawed in obfuscating that essential criterion when extending any and all rights to corporations.

We need to put a stop to this by coming together and invalidating the Citizens United decision, along with other Supreme Court rulings that recklessly justify the favoritism of corporations over people. Rubber-stamp “Corporations are not people” on your moolah and help build a movement for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution to state definitively: Corporations are NOT people, and; money is NOT free speech.

We must overturn Citizens United and get big money out of politics!

Bipartisan Effort to Overturn Citizens United in Congress


An across the aisle Constitutional amendment to end the era of Citizens United? Now that’s what progress looks like! Republican Congressman Walter Jones from North Carolina and Democratic Congressman Rick Nolan from Minnesota just announced their joint bipartisan effort to overturn Citizens United through the We the People Amendment.


“It’s time to take the shaping and molding of public policy out of corporate boardrooms, away from the corporate lobbyists, and put it back in city halls – back with county boards and state legislatures – and back in the Congress where it belongs.” -Rep. Nolan

Thanks to your hard work and the hard work of citizens all over this country, we’re on a path to restore our democracy. But there is still a lot of work to be done. Keep on stamping to build the mass visual demonstration of support, and keep recruiting new stampers to win the fight to restore our democracy.

Join the fight to overturn Citizens United and build a mass, sustained demonstration against big money in politics with Stamp Stampede.

*Although the bipartisan effort is still in effect, this press event will be rescheduled due to Congressman Rick Nolan’s trip to Cuba with President Obama on March 22nd.

The Stamp Stampede Campaign in New Hampshire

The 2016 New Hampshire primary is upon us!

As the political kerfuffle began in the Granite State early last year, Stamp Stampede set out to ensure that visiting candidates and local voters could not ignore the issue of big money in politics.

We partnered with our friends at New Hampshire Rebellion and the American Friends Service Committee to bird-dog candidates about their positions on this issue–and demanded solutions. Our organizers and volunteers worked together with legislators, local groups, entertainers, students, and business owners. They went to over hundred events (rallies, conventions, protests, film screeningsstamping parties, and parades) to share the Stampede campaign’s mission and teach people about the current state of campaign financing. 

Check out all the new high-profile stampers we picked up along the way thanks to our amazing organizers like Keith and Ryan–

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All the people photographed above were passionate about the issue of big money in politics: (left to right, first row) Carol Shea Porter, Eliza Dushku, and Sister Simone Campbell; (left to right, second row) Cory Booker, Jill Stein, and Sam Waterston; (left to right, third row) Karenna Gore Schiff, John Sarbanes, and Marianne Williamson; (left to right, fourth row) Vermin Supreme, Tom Steyer, and Heather Matarazzo.

And not to mention that many of the 2016 presidential candidates who stopped by New Hampshire learned about our growing democracy movement: Senator Bernie SandersJeb Bush, Martin O’Malley, Senator Lindsey Graham, Chris ChristieGeorge Pataki, Lincoln Chaffee, and Jim Gilmore

Stamp Stampede Fights Citizens United Ruling by Stamping Big Money Out of Politics

We’ve had some fantastic press coverage about our activities here–and you can read about it in NPR, the Concord Monitor, Valley NewsSeacoast Online, and NH Labor News.

It’s been a tremendous time for us in the first-in-the-nation primary state–thank you New Hampshire! We’ve made a huge impact together. In 2016, this issue has become a key voting issue and an unprecedented amount of presidential candidates are talking about it as central pillars of their campaigns.

We’re winning!

California is Not for Sale Ballot Initiative

California is Not for Sale ballot initiative

Have you ever seen NASCAR drivers decked out in the logos of their sponsors?

Everyone knows which corporations write their checks, pay their bills, and has their support.

In California, a group is leading a legislative initiative with a similar idea—but for politicians.

It’s called the California Is Not For Sale ballot initiative

The initiative will make California’s politicians wear the logos of their top campaign donors when they are on the floor of the Assembly and the Senate. Check it out here.

Here at Stamp Stampede, we support a multitude of tactics towards reforming our country’s campaign finance laws, and this new legislative push from the Golden State is one more creative way to bring to light political corruption in America’s post-Citizens United elections.

If this gets passed by the California legislature, it is certainly an undeniable way to send a message to the nation about the absurd level in which big money influences Washington.

Are you in California and want to help out? 

In order to successfully get this initiative on the 2016 ballot, first, they need help collecting signatures. Download and sign the petition today—and get your friends and family to sign up too! To volunteer, please visit this page. Help make it happen by joining this momentous legislative push.

Stamp Big Money Out of Politics to Overturn Citizens United with

Watch ‘Where to Invade Next’ with Michael Moore in Concord, NH

On the eve of the New Hampshire primary (Monday, February 8th, at 6 p.m.), there will be a FREE pre-release screening of the new Michael Moore film, “Where to Invade Next” at the Chubb Theater in Concord.

The movie documents Moore, himself, “invading,” the word he uses to humorously describe his visits to several countries to learn about their successful political policies–exploring how people-power and democratic values are exercised in other nations and juxtaposing these findings with the United States. 

Moore will be present at the event to discuss his new film, and the Stampede team will also be there to introduce moviegoers to our campaign. To RSVP, please email See you there!


***UPDATE: Due to a recent illness, Michael will not be able to make it tonight to the free screening. However, he will try to Skype in for a Q&A.
Watch "Where to Invade Next" with Michael Moore and the Stampede team in New Hampshire!

The Stampede Concert with Donna the Buffalo Ends in Plymouth

Last week, the Stamp Stampede campaign joined the talented musical group Donna the Buffalo in our final concert together on the Stampede tour. It was at the Flying Monkey center in Plymouth, New Hampshire. 

Stamp Stampede Fights Citizens United Ruling by Stamping Big Money Out of Politics w/ Donna the Buffalo

Head Stamper Ben Cohen made his presentation to the crowd about big money’s corruptive influence in politics. And we got to table during and after the concert so people could pull out their cash and try rubber-stamping their dollars with the Stampede’s #GetMoneyOut messages.



We loved combining music with activism on this tour, and getting to introduce these fans to our campaign. Thank you to Donna the Buffalo for the spectacular memories!