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Stampede 2.0

Head Stamper Ben and Jerry joined Nina Turner, the former state senator of Ohio AND the Stampede’s latest Board member, to announce the Stampede’s newest initiatives in the video below—

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More important and more fun than ever

Now that big money has taken even more control of our government, it’s more important than ever to STAMP OUT BIG MONEY IN POLITICS

And we’ve just made stamping more fun.

Now every stamp includes a custom User ID code that helps track how many times your stamped bills are spotted.  My code is BEN1!

Example of the new trackable Stampede 2.0 stamps.

Example of what the new trackable Stampede 2.0 stamps will look like on your dollar bills.

So when people see your message on a bill you stamped, they enter your code on our website. Then you find out in real time that Harry in Minnesota found the bill that you stamped Tennessee. And then that sighting goes to your credit on the leaderboard and these sightings will show up on the map of ALL reported stamped bill sightings and it will it go on your personal map of found bills too.

We’ve only been testing these ID’d stamps out with 50 Stampers over the last couple of months and already we’re getting over 2 bills reported per day.

So, visit the new to upgrade to your very own personalized stamp.

Head Stamper

One thing we can agree on

Last night, in communities across the country, Americans (Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Libertarian, Independents) agreed on at least one issue. They overwhelmingly voted in support of state and local initiatives to get big money out of politics.

18 states have now gone on record calling on Congress to pass a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United v. F.E.C. and end big money politics.

Voters approved reforms in communities all across the country – here are some of the highlights:

  • +California and Washington State approved their ballot measures for a 28th Amendment that limits big money donations given to campaigns and politicians.
  • +In 18 Wisconsin communities, referendums calling for an amendment to end unlimited campaign money in elections were approved with overwhelming support. This was also the case in the Ohio cities of Shaker Heights and South Euclid.
  • +70% of Missouri voters in Kansas City passed a restriction on the amount of contributions given to political candidates. Oregon’s Multnomah County also passed a measure to set contribution limits with 88% of the vote.
  • +The first anti-corruption law to prevent quid-pro-quo politics, such as special interests paying politicians to be in their pockets, passed in South Dakota.
  • +Voters in Maryland’s Howard County approved a charter amendment that will now allow the county council to develop a small-donor program for their elections.
  • +San Franciscans passed a ballot measure, which will limit the ability of lobbyists to bribe politicians and government officials. In Berkeley, specifically, voters passed a small-donor matching system for their elections.

We had some successes last night, but we still have a long road ahead of us to get big money out of politics and to strengthen voting rights.

We are building this movement one stamped dollar at a time, and together, we’re creating a massive sustained demonstration of support and demand to end big money in politics and strengthen our democracy.

The Key Is To Keep On Stamping!

Edward Erikson and the Stamp Stampede Team

New York: 17th State to Call for Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

New York just became the 17th state to call for an amendment to overturn Citizens United and getting big money out of politics.

You heard that right.

A majority of the state legislators – Democrats and Republicans — signed a letter urging the U.S. Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC) and McCutcheon v. FEC decisions.

We have thousands of stampers in New York who have stamped hundreds of thousands of bills in order to reach millions of people. But it wasn’t our stamped bills alone — we’re part of a coalition of hundreds of local and national groups working together to get money out and restore our democracy.  

We’re one state closer and there are more victories on the horizon, but we gotta keep stomping our feet and stamping our dollars. Together, we’re gonna bring those cows home.

Stamp big money out of politics; New York becomes the 17th state to call for an amendment to overturn Citizens United.

The Stampede at the Graham Nash Concert in Tulsa!

Here is Stamper Diane with her friend Mark, who brought the Stamp Stampede campaign to the Graham Nash concert in Tulsa, OK! Stamping big money out of politics at the Graham Nash concert in Tulsa!
Don’t they look fabulous!?
Here’s their feedback-
Mark said, “The response was phenomenal! We spread the word about the effort to repeal Citizens United and the influence of corporate money in politics and stamped A LOT OF MONEY! Thank you to the Brady Theater for allowing us the space and the table!”
Diane also reported that it was a great “opportunity to see folks and share and educate and have fun.”
Stamping big money out of politics at the Graham Nash concert!

The Super Stamper Society is Thriving

This has been one heck of a week for the Super Stamper Society (S3) with 11 stamped bills reported in seven different states from coast to coast.

Congratulations to the following Super Stampers!

Super Stamper’s User ID Stamper’s Hometown Location of Where S3 Bill Spotted   Total Number of Spotted Bills
JOHN  Waterbury, VT Williston, VT 5
MP20  East Setauket, NJ Huntington Station, NY 7
K9KM  Long Beach, CA Long Beach, CA 1
TSTE  Florence, MA Northampton, MA 28
MP20  East Setauket, NJ Stony Brook, NY  7 
TSTE  Florence, MA Amherst, MA 28 
TSTE  Florence, MA Chesterfield, NH 28 
KPR7  Houston, TX Houston, TX  3
1948  West Palm Beach, FL Plano, TX  2
JOHN  Waterbury, VT Lyndonville, VT  5
CSDK  Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ  3

We wanted to note that after traveling over 1,250 miles, Stamper 1948’s S3 bill, which was stamped in West Palm Beach, Florida, ended up in Plano, Texas!

And one of TSTE’s bills crossed state lines too—it was stamped in Florence, Massachusetts then was spotted over 45 miles later in Chesterfield, New Hampshire.

Check out the entire map of found bills here. And you can see your current position on the S3 leaderboard here

Keep up the phenomenal stamping—the next spotted bill might be yours! 

And if you haven’t joined the Super Stamper Society yet, visit this page.

Overturn Citizens United! Stamp big money out of politics!

Stamp Mobile at the American Visionary Art Museum

We celebrated the new home of our Stamp Mobile—the beloved Rube Goldberg-style, money-stamping machine—at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in Baltimore, MD. It has toured all across the country visiting events and festivals from the Kate Wolf Music Festival in Laytonville, CA to the Governor’s Island Art Fair in NYC. Now it’s on permanent exhibit at the AVAM–we couldn’t think of a better place for it to reside.
Stamp Mobile to stamp big money out of politics at the American Visionary Art Museum.
Ben and Jerry scooped free ice cream for the attendees who came to the big unveiling on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 19th, and taught folks how to stamp their money with this fantastic, award-winning vehicle.

Ben & Jerry present the Stamp Mobile to the American Visionary Art Museum as the duo bring the message of getting big money out of politics!

Ben & Jerry present the Stamp Mobile to the American Visionary Art Museum as the duo bring the message of getting big money out of politics!

Here’s how the Amend-O-Matic Stamp Mobile works: People approach the machine on the right and clamp their dollar bill into a platen which rides on the miniature blue monorail. It then enters the spiral elevator where the center rotor pushes it around and around until it reaches the top. It then coasts down the winding monorail. On the way it pops up a sign that says “Corporations are not people.” Then it comes to a man dressed in a top hat. As it goes by the top hat and face swivels to the side and reveals that it’s hiding a corporate office tower. Then it rotates a sign that says “Money does not equal speech.” Then it comes to a face of a man. When it goes by his mouth opens and money pours out. Then it comes to the stamping station where the bill is stamped with one of two messages– “Stamp Money Out of Politics– Amend the Constitution” or “Not To Be Used For Bribing Politicians– Amend the Constitution”. Then they take their dollar bill out of platen. 

Check out the video below to see it in action.  

Stamping Big Money Out of Politics at the Democracy Spring & Democracy Awakening Events

This month, the Stamp Stampede got the awesome opportunity to participate in the Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening events. We marched with thousands of activists who came down to D.C. to fight big money in politics and protect ordinary Americans’ voting rights. Our team even got to recruit some stampers to join our grassroots campaign!

Getting big money out of politics--one stamped dollar at a time.

The Stampede joins the Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening protest to get big money out of politics.

Stamping big money out of politics at the Democracy Awakening and Democracy Spring events

Stamping big money out of politics at Democracy Awakening

At the U.S. Capitol, for a whole week, over 1,000 people were arrested rallying for a democracy that is not flooded with big money influence . Among them, included our very own Head Stamper Ben and his buddy Jerry, who was arrested during Monday’s march. Here they explain to the Washington Post why this act of civil disobedience was so important for them to participate in.

Ben & Jerry get arrested at the US Capitol as part of the Democracy Awakening/Spring sit-ins. Stamp Stampede joins the Democracy Awakening at the U.S. Capitol

Stamp Mobile Unveiling @ the American Visionary Art Museum

Stamp big money out of politics with the Stamp Mobile!

Our Dear Ol’ Stamp Mobile

It’s a Rube Goldberg device. It’s a crowd-attracter. A marvelous money-stamping machine. It puts all the “bells and whistles” on our campaign to #GetMoneyOut of politics. And looks a bit like a Willie Wonka Cranker Clanker. It’s even won the Common Ground Fair’s Educational Exhibit Prize in 2013!

And after three years on the road, wow-ing and informing people from coast-to-coast about big money in politics, the Stamp Mobile has reached its final resting place at the famous American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. 

To celebrate its new home, on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, there will be an unveiling party at the museum with the Stamp Mobile’s creators Ben and Jerry. Please join them if you’re in the area. The duo will be bringing their signature brand ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s, to serve for free to all guests–while supplies last.

With its fantastic driver Aaron, this device has been to dozens of music and art festivals. This four-wheeled, stamping contraption has had enough fun to last multiple lifetimes. We’re sad to see it go, but thrilled to know it has found a permanent place where even more people can see its message.

The Stamp Mobile arriving at its new home  at the American Visionary Art Museum!The Stamp Mobile attracting crowds to stamp big money out of politics!

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