The Stamp Stampede
The Stamp Stampede

More important and more fun than ever

Now that big money has taken even more control of our government, it’s more important than ever to STAMP OUT BIG MONEY IN POLITICS

And we’ve just made stamping more fun.

Now every stamp includes a custom User ID code that helps track how many times your stamped bills are spotted.  My code is BEN1!

Example of the new trackable Stampede 2.0 stamps.

Example of what the new trackable Stampede 2.0 stamps will look like on your dollar bills.

So when people see your message on a bill you stamped, they enter your code on our website. Then you find out in real time that Harry in Minnesota found the bill that you stamped Tennessee. And then that sighting goes to your credit on the leaderboard and these sightings will show up on the map of ALL reported stamped bill sightings and it will it go on your personal map of found bills too.

We’ve only been testing these ID’d stamps out with 50 Stampers over the last couple of months and already we’re getting over 2 bills reported per day.

So, visit the new to upgrade to your very own personalized stamp.

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