The Stamp Stampede
The Stamp Stampede

One thing we can agree on

Last night, in communities across the country, Americans (Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Libertarian, Independents) agreed on at least one issue. They overwhelmingly voted in support of state and local initiatives to get big money out of politics.

18 states have now gone on record calling on Congress to pass a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United v. F.E.C. and end big money politics.

Voters approved reforms in communities all across the country – here are some of the highlights:

  • +California and Washington State approved their ballot measures for a 28th Amendment that limits big money donations given to campaigns and politicians.
  • +In 18 Wisconsin communities, referendums calling for an amendment to end unlimited campaign money in elections were approved with overwhelming support. This was also the case in the Ohio cities of Shaker Heights and South Euclid.
  • +70% of Missouri voters in Kansas City passed a restriction on the amount of contributions given to political candidates. Oregon’s Multnomah County also passed a measure to set contribution limits with 88% of the vote.
  • +The first anti-corruption law to prevent quid-pro-quo politics, such as special interests paying politicians to be in their pockets, passed in South Dakota.
  • +Voters in Maryland’s Howard County approved a charter amendment that will now allow the county council to develop a small-donor program for their elections.
  • +San Franciscans passed a ballot measure, which will limit the ability of lobbyists to bribe politicians and government officials. In Berkeley, specifically, voters passed a small-donor matching system for their elections.

We had some successes last night, but we still have a long road ahead of us to get big money out of politics and to strengthen voting rights.

We are building this movement one stamped dollar at a time, and together, we’re creating a massive sustained demonstration of support and demand to end big money in politics and strengthen our democracy.

The Key Is To Keep On Stamping!

Edward Erikson and the Stamp Stampede Team

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