The Stamp Stampede
The Stamp Stampede

Introducing: Ben Cohen & The Stamp Stampede!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 24, 2012

CONTACT: Trevor FitzGibbon,, (202) 406-0646

Ben Cohen & the Stamp Stampede: “Money’s Not Speech, & Corporations Aren’t People!”

Massive National Campaign Aims to Restore Government to the People

The corrosive influence of money in politics is the target of a bold new campaign aiming to return government to the hands of the people. Ben Cohen, co-founder of gourmet ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s, is headlining the campaign, along with Americans from all walks of life. Their credo: Money’s Not Speech, and Corporations Aren’t People. The campaign can be seen here:

The campaign is a response to the fact that  over 2/3 of Republicans, independents and Democrats all want to get money out of politics, and Congress isn’t doing anything about it.

StampStampede aims to have tens of thousands of Americans across the country use rubber stamps to print messages on currency supporting a constitutional amendment that gets money out of America’s political system.

“It doesn’t matter what issue you care about – education, poverty, Wall Street, spiraling healthcare costs, you name it – at the end of the day, the absolutely massive amounts of money in our politics is at the root of our problems,” said Cohen. “That’s why we have to stamp out the corrosive influence of money in our government and politics.”

Cohen continued, “You can trace the root cause of  our problems to the fact that corporations and the wealthy place their thumb on the political scales with massive donations.”

In order to kick off the campaign, stamps will be distributed across the nation. In addition, people can either design their own stamps at home, or they can purchase ready-made stamps at More information on the campaign – along with downloadable designs that people can use at their local rubber stamp maker – can be found at the site.

“Money stamping is a delightful activity,” said Charles Lenchner, StampStampede project coordinator. “It’s quick, its easy, it’s bold, it’s slightly subversive, and it’s also legal! People can do it in the privacy of their own homes, and they can do it out in the public at street festivals. It’s a really simple way for people to express their outrage at the ties between big money and political corruption.”

The constitutional amendment would support the principles that money is not political speech (which would overturn the Supreme Court decision in Buckley v. Valeo, 1976), and that corporations are not people (overturning the Supreme Court decision in Citizens’ United, 2011).

For more information, and to contact Ben Cohen and others involved in the campaign, please contact Trevor FitzGibbon at (202) 406-0646, or

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